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・BORG 77ED2+50D
・For dejibogu
It is examining it.
・LUMIX 100-300mm +G2
・I want 54

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Flying jewel kingfisher
This beautiful cobalt blue touches it.

The kingfisher seems to be an origin of the name in China from jade and the jade of the jewel (jade).

In English, Kingfisher.
It dives into the water from the head, and the fingerling and the chicken lobster are captured.
The bold diving is a suitable appearance for "Fisherman's king".

When the kingfisher is glancing seen, it is enchanted to the charm.
Recently, it seems to have come to be able frequently to see it even in the city.
I think that I lurk in your familiar pond and brook.

It wants to disclose information on the kingfisher and the beautiful appearance and to disclose profitable information to contain it in the photograph.

kingfisher yokohama city borg77ED2 + GR + 50D

kingfisher kawasaki city FE100-400mm +7D It is slow motion of about 1/2.
カワセミHP リンクバーナー
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